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Luxury Cruises

Take the white-glove experience to the sea by having lavish amenities and refined comforts with the thrill of exploration. We offer both ocean and river cruises.

Worldwide Destinations

From exquisite beach escapes to iconic urban hideaways and breathtaking mountain retreats we're here to reveal the full spectrum of what life has in store.

Romantic Escapes

The spirit of romance is woven into the essence of travel—the sense of infinite possibility that comes when nobody knows your name or the intrigue of unfamiliar territory. 

Luxury Group Excursions

Our collection encompasses luxury small group and family journeys, offering opportunities for all-ages adventure and itineraries to exotic locales and exclusive festivals and events.

Travel with your Buddies

Are you dreaming about a destination but don't want to travel alone? Our guided tour packages are the solution for your group, regardless if it is a party of 3 or 4 people, or a big family reunion of 15 or more. Don't worry, your travel style is important so we'll make sure that we provide you the options according to your style and budget. We can also customize your group tour if you prefer to visit specific locations or do some local group activities.

Travel Solo not Alone

With our solo adventures, you're guaranteed your own personal sanctuary without paying a penny more—every room is a private retreat for you alone. Plus, you'll be in great company, as each member of your group will be, just like you, embracing the thrill of solo travel. By the time your journey draws to a close, we suspect your fellow travelers will have transformed from strangers into something much more—a family formed through the shared joy of discovery.

Ti óra eínai?

Time to experience Greece!

Set Sail for the Grecian Wonders! 

Ultimate Grecian Odyssey

Travel beyond your expectations!

Get your own Gondolier

He can take you to a palace for tea with a Countess, or to visit the Basilica San Marco.  Make sure to stop and visit a local ristorante to try the Bigoli in Salsa, a traditional Venice food, tailor-made for seafood lovers. Want to spare some time? Visit the islands of Murano and Burano with their artisan glass and lace workshops. ​Get an authentic look at Italian traditions that have lasted for centuries with a guide.